16 July 2016



Resurgence can be a powerful feeling. It can be inspiring and motivating. It can make you want to take on the biggest of all tasks and give you the belief that you can conquer them all.

That's what I've been feeling lately. Like I've got the power (cue Jim Carrey) to take on all these little tasks, big tasks, side tasks and balance them all within my work life and relationships whilst balancing a book on my head without cheating on my exercise and diet regime.


The balance required for today's newest life mission will require skill of the highest sort. A bottle of lemon water, my family and friends backing me, and a very well thought out timetable to fit it all in. eight hours of work, two hours of transit, eight hours of sleep, and the remainder to kick ass. Suddenly when you put it like that you wonder where do the other six hours of our day go?

17 May 2016



Sometimes life throws something your way when you're least expecting it. I honestly didn't think I was doing well at my job, that I was making too many errors for it to be 'okay'. And yet today... I was asked to move from part time to full time work. More hours, and a raise in salary.

I got promoted.

Just when mentally I was questioning my work and my ethic, someone out there saw it for what it was. I take myself too seriously sometimes. I take mistakes too personally. If it's a mistake I take it to heart and I wear it. It's the perfectionist in me that loved getting straight A's in school and getting the highest ATAR possible. Making sure that I always met bench marks and target goals.

Then this happened and I started to think that things were okay. It's alright to make mistakes, own them and fix them. Put in your all into what you day and have a positive attitude. Each day is a new one and a new chance to make a difference in every aspect of your life.

16 May 2016


I'm probably one of the luckiest people in the world... And up until now I've never realised it. I live in tropical Australia. How many people can say they get Summer weather year round? I don't have to worry about winter wardrobes, I don't have to worry about working out in the cold weather (rather, it's the hot weather here). I get to buy summer clothes year round, I get to workout in the outdoors year round. You only get out what you put in when it comes to life.

Life is what you make of it.

And I want to make it an eternal summer.

7 May 2016



Not an easy thing to admit, but I’m doing it.

Working as much as I have been (one full time job, and another casual job) has finally started taking its toll. Being constantly on the move, never quite slowing down long enough has me feeling frayed. I got home Thursday night and went into the motions of unpacking one night bag to packing another and it occurred to me: I’m always packing.

I pack Monday night for Tennis on Tuesdays. I pack Tuesday’s for Wednesday nights at another house. I get home Thursday and I was packing for a weekend—which involved being at my second job (an hour after finishing the first), and being at another house.

The last time I spent a full day at home was when I was sick.

One part me of is thinking I need more hours in my day, I need to be more efficient at doing things so I can make more hours. I have a to-do list that needs accomplishing.

The other part has slowly begun to realise I’m stressed out and I need a break. I need to breathe, be still, and relax.

I’ve finally broken down and realised what needs to happen here.

I have never thought to be an overachiever. I’ve admired those that could do lots and manage it well—but I’ve never set out to be someone that does that. Slowly over time though I’ve accumulated more and more responsibilities and commitments. And now they’re all starting to catch up on me. They’re coming in one after the other and I have no break.

My name is Ellen, and I am stressed out.